I have been writing since I was 5 years old, when I learnt the alphabet from the German version of Sesame Street. Already there I began writing little stories about animals in nature, especially bird families, later also other animals were featured. Later at school my favourite part of home work when we could write free essays where I completely on my own could chose a subject to write about – my essays were ten pages longer than the other students.

Over the years I have been writing youth novels, about young people’s first love, first kiss, first sex – also within the LGBT themes.

I have written a lot of articles about the way young people think and react to other people’s treatments of them – also for debate groups and educational purposes.

I don’t write about politics or religion, enough writers write about that. Come to me with jobs about animals, psychology, children, teens, music.

Further than working on my own website here, I also administrate https://www.Musical-Love.dk which is an online PR site,

Below are links to snippets of one of my LGBT novels which I am working on whenever time permits.


Happiness is

He is all

He is my love