He is all

By Karina Brandt,
24th of September 2000

When I look at him
Sitting by the window
The sunlight makes him look
 Like an angel

Surrounded by
the golden sunlight
he’s the top of beauty –
of all living mankind

He’s the one
Who makes me smile’he’s the one
Who makes me breathe
He’s the one
Who makes me want
To live –
And to love

He’s the beauty
I never knew existed
He’s the friend
I thought I’d never have
The lover I thought
Was not for me
He’s my light –
At the end of the tunnel

His beautiful eyes
His lovely smile
The last I see at night –
The first I see in the morning
The loving caress that I get
From his hand
And from his heart –
I am truly being loved

The love he has
In his heart for me
Is silent
Is strong
And it makes me see
The beauty around me –
And in him
He is all
I’ll ever need…