I understand more languages than I speak. I have no official education within translation, but my flair and passion for learning languages, brings me a long way.

Writing my own stories in either English or Danish, whereafter I translate them into the opposite language, has forced me to educate myself within the English language for it to be as realistic as possible. For this reason I don’t use so called “school English” – but the spoken language.

After having listening to english tv series, reading English teen-books to understand their language for many years, it is obvious these languages are not 100% controlled by people born and raised there either, and the school-English we learn here is more correct within grammar etc.

Because of this, I have had to discuss with myself wether I would go for the correct form of school-English, or make it more realistic with the actual spoken language. I tried out writing both and had people read both versions in order to give feedback and it was very clear – the spoken language was chosen, including grammatical errors, slang and all.

So what you read from me in English – don’t think I don’t know the grammar or correct position of the wording – it is an active choice, based on conversations, book readings, TV series, movies etc. which has made me follow this road, instead of grammatical correction.

I can translate FROM these languages:

Danish – English – Dutch – Norweigan – Swedish – Norweigan and German

INTO these languages:

English and Danish

My salaries:

Articles: 15USD/pr. 100 words/ pr. page

Webcontent: 15USD/pr. 100 words/pr. page

Translation: 20 USD pr. page