Goodevening Europe

Chapter 12

Monday the 26th of November 2018

Seba pushed the chair gently back, and rose. Almost invisibly, he looked around the café.

Brendan wasn’t to be seen.

Seba hadn’t seen him all morning.

It made him a little sad.

He had gathered all his guts to tell him how he felt, if he was able to get him under four eyes.

His train was leaving in half an hour and he had to get going.

He had already booked a room from thursday to sunday.

It would be too obvious to keep sitting here until the last minute, waiting and hoping for Brendan to turn up.

A disappointed feeling settled inside his stomach.

Too bad.

He tried.

He had to wait for the end of the week then. He put on his marine blue duffle-coat, buttoned up and buckled the belt and picked up his suitcase. He said good bye to Noah and thanked for some good days, and made his way through the restaurant. He opened the door and a freezing cold hit him right in his face. He had expected it would be cold, but not as cold as this. He speeded up to get around the corner, away from the wind. He nearly knocked over Brendan, who came slowly walking, putting one foot in front of the other, having set down his walker first. “Gosh, Brendan, I am so sorry. I wanted to get away from the wind. Do not go around the corner, the wind will knock you over.” He laughed a little and enjoyed the smile spreading on Brendan’s face..

“Perhaps I should have the door moved around the corner then?” Brendan joked. “Going home?”

Seba nodded. “Yes. Are you in a hurry? Or can we talk for a minute?” He looked into Brendan’s light green smiling eyes.

“I can wait. We can talk.” Brendan looked questioning up at Seba.

Jimmy came up to them with the wheelchair. “Where do you want this, Brendan?”

“In my office, please, Jimmy. Thank you.” He smiled friendly at his driver, who went around the corner and inside. Brendan looked back at Seba. “You wanted to talk?”

“Yes…” Seba felt his cheeks blush. “My cab will arrive any time now, and I do not have much time, so I will jump right into it.” He drew a deep breath to gain courage.

Brendan looked curious at him, resting his hands on the front of the walker, while waiting with a curious look in his eyes, and a patient smile on his lips.

“I have enjoyed my time here, Brendan, and I will be back by the end of the week for house hunting. I have enjoyed the time you and I have spent together and I have enjoyed talking with you. I am falling in love with you. I do not know if you feel the same, but I am hoping.. I would really like to take you out for dinner when I come back.”


It was out.

His heart was racing.

Brendan’s cheeks blushed as well and he smiled a little shy. “I would love that, Seba. Thank you.”

Suddenly Seba felt so happy. He took the pen from his pocket and reached out for Brendan’s hand. He wrote his phone number on it and put the pen back in his pocket. “Here is my phone number. I have yours. I am usually home after ten on evenings. Call me. I will call you too.” He put his hand over one of Brendan’s and with his thumb he caressed his hand slightly.

“Okay, I will,” Brendan answered, feeling short of breath.

They stood there, looking at one another without words for a few seconds. Then Seba spread his arms and said, “Come here, let us have a hug before I leave.”

Brendan smiled even wider and reached out for Seba’s hug.

While hugging, Seba said low to Brendan’s ear: “You just made me very happy. Now I do not even want to go home.” He felt Brendan hug him extra tight for a few seconds. Then he loosed up and leaned his forehead on Brendan’s. “See you again in a few days.”

Brendan nodded.

Then Seba moved his head slightly, and their lips met in a soft and gentle loving kiss. “I am going to miss you,” Seba whispered smiling.

“Come back soon,” Brendan replied low, and accepted the next kiss, which lasted a little longer and ended with a slight lip bite.

Then they both heard the cab pulling up by the side of the road.

“I think your cab just arrived.” Brendan placed one last kiss on Seba’s lips, and then they let go of their embrace.

“Bye for now, Brendan. See you soon.” Seba stroked Brendan’s cheek with his left hand, and bent for one last kiss. Then he waved slightly and walked to the cab. He was filled with mixed feelings as he opened the door and sat down inside. “To the train station, please.” He took a deep breath, put on his seatbelt and looked out the window.

Brendan was standing there, smiling happy and ready to wave him off.

He sent him a finger kiss through the window, then the cab drove off. Seba sighed, leaned his head back on the support, and closed his eyes for a short minute.

“Hard to say goodbye?” the female cab driver asked gently.

“Yeah.” Seba had to take a deep breath again.

“Have you been together for long?” she then asked interested.

“No, we have only known each other a few days,” Seba replied. “Do you believe in love at first sight? Or first meeting and all that?” He couldn’t see her face, but her voice was smiling when she answered him, holding up her hand to show him her wedding ring.

“I’m married to my love at first sight,” she told him. “We have been for ten years now.”

Seba smiled. “Its a first for me,” he said low.

“Do you live very far apart?” she asked and pulled up for red lights. “Where are you from? Germany?”

“No, I am from Estonia, but I moved to Denmark eight years ago and I live in Aarhus, but I am looking for a house down here. Work too. That is why I came here.”

“Oh, and then you were lucky to find love as well. That’s not bad.”

Seba smiled. “No. It was quite unexpected.”

“I noticed he has a walker as support. What happened to him?” They had to pause for red lights.

“He was in a car accident seven months ago, and fate would that I was actually the paramedic who saved his life that night. And here we met again. I take it as a sign of we are meant to have something together, whether it is love or friendship. Something at least.”

“Wow, that’s actually quite a beautiful story,” the cab driver said. “You two are destined for something. How is he doing now then? Will he fully recover or need walking aids for the rest of his life?”

“Well, they cannot say for sure, but again, he should not have survived such a bad accident in the first place, so who knows. He has some nerve damage and areas of numbness, cramps and seizures.”

“Then its good you’re a paramedic. He can’t be all off with you as partner then.”

Seba sensed the smile in her voice. He felt warm inside. What a wonderful feeling. It had been a long time since he had been in love the last time. At least if he didn’t count whatever it was he felt for Christina, into it.

Brendan couldn’t help but notice the curious glances and quirky smiles, as he slowly walked his way through the restaurant to the office. “Goodmorning,” he said, having the same quirky smile on his face. He realized they had seen Seba and him through the windows. He could still feel his kisses burning on his lips and the warmth of his skin next to him.

His warm voice next to his ear.

And his scent.

A bit of soap scent and then some Seba-scent.

What a huge coincidence his lifesaver would end up in his bed and breakfast so he could thank him, and even was going to live here soon.

And what a coincidence it was now, just when he had come back from rehab and started to live at home again.

It had to have some kind of deeper meaning, that they should meet like this.

He walked into the office and sat down by the computer and took off his winter jacket. He didn’t feel like standing up again, so he threw it on the armchair a few meters away.

“Hey you!”

Brendan looked up.

Noah was standing in the door, leaning up against the frame.


Noah smirked. “So what’s up with you and Seba there?”

Brendan instantly blushed. “Falling in love I think.”

Noah nodded. “He’s cool. Good luck.”

“Thank you.” Brendan looked after Noah as he turned around and left. Yeah. Seba was cool. He was really cool. And hot, and adorable, so loving and kind. Brendan almost felt dizzy by the thought of seeing him again later this week.

Seba’s eyes caught the sight of Linda and Sofia, already before the train was all the way into the platform at Aarhus station.

The little girl was jumping up and down, holding her favourite teddy bear, Anti, close to her body.

He rose and put on his coat, and got himself ready to leave the train.

There hadn’t been many travellers this Monday afternoon.

For once he had not noticed how long and boring the trip was.

His mind had been so filled with thoughts and feelings and things to think about.

Not to mention the returning erection, over and over, he had had to hide by crossing his legs and put his coat on top, hoping nobody would notice.

Out of the train, he put on his happiest smile and squat down and held out his arms for the little gorgeous girl, who came running towards him. “Kullake, tere. Ma olen sind igatsenud, Sofia.” He hugged her tight. Then he held her hand and rose and reached out his free arm to hug Linda. “Tere, Linda.” He hugged her tight and kissed her cheek. “I have so much to tell. Are you free for coffee?”

Linda smiled and nodded.

Seba hugged her again. “I have had the craziest weekend, I still cannot believe it.”

They began to walk.

Seba fastned Sofia’s seatbelt and closed the door into her side, then he opened the door into the passenger seat and sat in.

Linda had taken care of his suitcase.

He sighed, put his arm on the windowsill and bit some on the tip of his thumb.

His mind was already drifting back to the past few days.

Especially the first night and morning.

Linda sat in, and when she turned the key to start the car, an alarm went off. She looked puzzled at him. “Seba?”

He didn’t respond.

“Seba? Hey, are you okay?”

He felt her hand on his arm and he woke up and looked at her. “Yes?”

“Your seatbelt?” She looked questioning at him.

He was slightly confused but looked down. “Oh!” He took the clasp from the seat belt and pulled it over and locked it.

Linda looked puzzled at him, but then she had to focus on the driving.

Sofia kept chatting in the back, but Seba didn’t really pay attention until she loud yelled “ISSI?”

He jumped. “Yes, Sofia?” He turned his head slightly.

“I want a little brother. Mum says to ask you for one.”

Seba laughed. “Oh does she really, Sofia?” Seba looked at Linda who blushed. He reached over and touched her hand. “Do you also want a little brother, Linda?”

She nodded slightly and Seba noticed her eyes getting a little red.

Seba felt a warmth spread inside him. “Then we will have to see where we can get one soon.” He squeezed her hand and looked affectionately at her.

Until now she had hesitated, thought she had enough on her plate.

Seba had wanted one more for a while now. He was ready.

Inside the house, Seba changed his clothes in a hurry, while Linda helped Sofia out of her clothes, and afterwards went to the kitchen to make coffee for them.

Sofia went to her room to play.

When Seba came into the kitchen, he went up behind Linda and put his arms around her. “Did you mean it?” he asked quietly and rested his cheek against hers.

She nodded. “I looked at so many photos of Sofia over the weekend, from she was tiny. I was so overwhelmed and I could just feel inside me that the time is right.” She put the coffee pot into the machine and turned it on, then she turned around to face him.

He bent his head and kissed her softly. “Thank you. We will have to plan for an extra bedroom then.” He smiled.

She nodded. “The time is right the weekend we’re in Sonderburg.”

He nodded. “Okay. Good we booked a double room then.” He smiled and caressed her face and kissed her softly again.

She laughed a little. “Yes it is. And now you have to tell me about your crazy weekend, Seba. You were far away while we drove home.”

Seba let go of the embrace and walked to the kitchen table and sat down.

Linda sat down opposite him.

Suddenly Seba felt very overwhelmed and had to clear his throat. “I met some very special people, who already have come to mean a great deal to me, Linda.”

“But, that’s good, isn’t it?” she asked surprised.

Seba nodded. “Yeah. Apart from one of them. I have met this really wonderful young man who I fell head over heels in love with, and I just want to be with him all the time. You met him on facetime. Brendan. He is 22 and owns the bed and breakfast I stayed at.”

Linda smiled wide. “That’s great, Seba. Does he feel the same?”

Seba shrugged. “I think so. He has agreed to go out with me next weekend, and we have kissed just before I left.” He sighed. “But I have also met a young girl, who brings a complete chaos inside me. I do not know if I am falling in love with her, but she wakes up everything inside me.”

Linda’s eyebrows flew into her forehead. “You and a GIRL?”

Seba nodded. “I do not understand anything of it, that is why it is so confusing.” He looked at the coffee machine, hoping it would soon be finished brewing.

“Did anything happen between you?” Linda asked curious.

Seba nodded. “Very much happened between us, and that is what brings everything to chaos inside me, Linda. I am out in some deep waters with her. Emotionally. A place I should not be, but I cannot help myself. And what more is that I am afraid, that if I do not claim her as mine, she will go out and risk some dangerous things…” He looked pleading at Linda for help.

“My god, Seba, this sounds serious.”

Seba nodded. “She is 17 years old, and probably the most malnourished submissive I have ever met. She is absolutely yearning to be claimed.”

“Wow!” Linda exclaimed. “Did you…?”

Their eyes met and Seba nodded.

“First we just had a couple of really nice hours, just cuddling and kissing and touching and making love, it was absolutely magical. I have never before been turned on by a girl, so it was all really exciting and fascinating, and she was just amazing. It was like being a teenager again, having sex for the very first time. We had the most wonderful time together. Afterwards we talked, and she asked about the differences between having sex with her and with guys, so I told her about the two sides of me, and she literally lit up by a fire I have seldom seen in any submissive. She really wanted me to show her some, and after talking back and forth, I agreed to some light bdsm, making sure she understood the concept of using her safeword. She never used it. Everything made me feel very uneasy and discomfortable, but at the same time so thrilled and excited and so incredibly filled with lust. My feelings were all over the place.”

Linda rose to get their coffee. “How did she react then?”

Seba shook his head. “That’s what I failed to understand. She cried. She was clearly in pain, but she didn’t use her safeword, and suddenly she exploded in the hugest orgasm.. after that she fell asleep and slept so hard all night. In the morning she was just so happy. And she was moved and touched and wanted more.”

“Holy crap,” was Lindas surprised reply. “So you took seconds?”

“I was so in doubt, Linda. It feels so wrong because she is so young, and she had never even had a boy inside her before me.. I felt like such a dirty old pig but she enjoyed it so much and wants me to give her more.”

“And are you going to?” Linda put a mug in front of him and sat back down. 

“I had to think a long time about it. I really did not want to, to be honest, mainly because of her young age, but I am afraid she will go out and get hurt if I am not the one to claim her. She is so hungry and curious after what she has now tasted, that I am afraid she will get herself into trouble if I don’t do it.”

Linda sipped her coffee. “You have landed yourself in quite a situation there, Seba.”

Seba nodded. “Yes I have. In one way it is all frightening, it is such a huge responsibility, but on the other hand so thrilling and exciting to harvest these feelings for a girl. She is so beautiful. She is so delicate. So… there is just too much beauty there, I cannot make myself say no. I want her.”

“What about Brendan then?”

Seba shrugged. “I really don’t know. I will have to explain and hope he is open minded.” Seba lifted his mug.

“And if he isn’t?” Linda asked.

“I will have to cross that bridge when it comes.”

Linda nodded. “I guess you will. But what else did you see and do while you were there? You sent some photos of houses?”

Seba nodded. “There are some really nice and suitable places right behind a small forest there. I cannot wait to show you, it is really beautiful there. I will call the real estate managers this week and arrange to go and see them when I go back, and make videos and transfer to you so you can see. Or maybe go live while I am there, if you are not working.”

“I’m not working next weekend.” Linda warmed her hands around the mug.

“Maybe…” Seba hesitated and fondled around with his mug.

“Maybe what, Seba?”

He looked at her. “Maybe you and Sofia would like to come along? It is only a one person bedroom I have booked but I can easily book something else.”

Linda smiled. “You are so sweet, Seba. Gosh. You know, I think you should go alone and work things out with Brendan and Christina, and then you and I go as planned in two weekends.”

Seba felt how he blushed. “I cannot wait to go back, Linda. The days are going to be so long.”

She laughed a little. “Who are you looking most forward to seeing again?”

“Brendan,” Seba answered without hesitation. No doubt Brendan was the one he was falling in love with for real. Christina was something else he had to figure out along the way. Unless she called it all off completely.

“Tell me about him, Seba. He must be something special since you are hit like this.”

He couldn’t stop smiling. His cheeks were almost aching by now. “Remember the accident where someone threw a concrete pillar from a motorway bridge?”

“Mmmm.” She lifted her mug and blew on the hot coffee to cool it down faster.

“The young man I treated that night…  it is him. It was Brendan.”

Linda put her mug down with a bang and coffee splashed out on the table. “WHAT? My gosh, what are the coincidences for that?”

Seba laughed by her reaction. “I know. He has come a long way now. He has just come home to his own home after having been in rehabilitation for some months. I fell for him almost straight away, but the real moment was when we were jamming the other night, and he suddenly began to remember things from before the accident. I was playing and singing and suddenly he began to remember you and me from last year’s eurovision, me behind the piano and the dress you were wearing. He was so happy. It was a magical moment and my heart just burst into so many loving feelings for him. He totally knocked me over right there.” Seba’s eyes watered and he blinked a few times.

“Oh gosh, Seba, you really are hit by Cupid’s arrows this time.”

He chuckled a little. “Yes I am. I am overwhelmed by it all, Linda.”

She reached out and took his hand and squeezed it a little. “I am happy for you, Seba. I hope it works out for you two.”

Brendan felt himself glued to the office chair, googling photos of Seba all afternoon.

Damn he was fine. He was hot, he was cute, in some photos he looked so shy.. and in others full of confidence. A few times he fell over photos where Seba was with his little daughter. Brendan’s heart overwhelmed with love when looking at those. The pride and love shining from Seba’s eyes in those photos said it all.

A buzz from his phone announced an incoming message and he took it and recognized Seba’s number. *Can we talk?* the message asked.

Brendan smiled and replied. *Yes,* and instantly butterflies started a race inside him.

*Facetime?* Seba then asked.

*Sure,* Brendan replied and had his phone ready for answering.

Two seconds later it rang.

“Hello.” Brendan felt his face wasn’t wide enough for the smile he was wearing.

“Hello Brendan, how are you now?”

Brendan was so happy to see Seba’s smiling face. “I’m a lot better, thank you. The fever has broke.”

“Good. I just felt like saying hello and have a little chat.

“Good idea. I have spent time googling you, Seba. Don’t you feel stalked?” Brendan laughed.

Seba giggled. “That must be why I felt the urge to call you. I have had a difficult time thinking of anything else but you today. You have really made an impact on me, Brendan.”

“That’s nice to know. And all I can say is that you have on me too. And I really look forward until you come again.”

“I nearly kissed you at the hospital yesterday.” Seba rubbed his nose.

Brendan chuckled. “I know. A bummer we were disturbed. It broke the moment.”

“Yes it did. We will have to make up for that when I come. You know I want to take you out for dinner, right?”

“Yes, I have a vague memory of such an invitation.” Brendan smirked.

“Is there anywhere special you would like to go with me for dinner, Brendan? I do not know anywhere but your place and hotel, but I would love to take you somewhere you would like to go.”

“I don’t know, Seba. I’m not that much out on other restaurants but my own to be honest. There is one, though, which really serves wonderful food. Its close by, same street as here. Harbour’s Lampshade, is it called. I’ve only eaten there twice at a couple of family birthdays, but their food is to die for.”

“I will see if I can book a table for two then. What kind of food do they have there?”

“More or less everything, I think. Seafood, regular old fashioned Danish food, and the fine dishes people chose for family parties and such. I don’t think they have burgers and fries though, but who knows.” Brendan laughed. “What are you doing the rest of the day?”

“Well, I would love to chat with you for the rest of the day, but there are things to do. I have Sofia here for some hours, and I need to do some laundry and get ready for work tomorrow. Would you like us to chat before bedtime tonight?”

Brendan felt how he instantly blushed. “I would love that, Seba. How about I call you when my nurse has left?”

Seba nodded. “I will look forward to that then.” He waved at Brendan.

Brendan waved back. “Bye bye.”

Seba drew a deep sigh. Oh gosh. He had felt most like jumping into the car, which had not returned from the mechanics yet, and drive down to be with Brendan, hug him, kiss him, squeeze him, not letting him go. Fuck. Feeling like a teenager again, it was embarrassing to be honest. He put the phone on the table and rose. He’d better get the laundry done. He needed his uniform dry for tomorrow morning. On his way to the laundry room, he popped his head into Sofia’s room, where the little girl was building with her building blocks. “Sofia, I am going to the laundry room okay? I will be right back.”

The little girl nodded without removing her focus from her project.

Seba smiled. It was amazing how she could dig into her building projects for hours like this. She was only three years old. She was very much like himself.

When he got digging into making music, it took a lot to haul him back to reality. He simply disappeared into another world when being creative like that.

Seems Sofia did too.

There wasn’t all that much extra clothes in the laundry basket.

Only a few t-shirts, briefs and socks.

The uniforms were the most important.

Luckily all three fit into the machine at the same time, then the rest would have to wait until after.

To make sure one of them would be dry for tomorrow, he turned up the heat in the room so it could dry there overnight.

His safety shoes for work needed an overhaul as well, so he picked them up and brought them to the kitchen where he had the remedies for polishing them.

They needed cleaning first though; under the running water tap and a stiff brush.

The last call had been to a pretty muddy grass field.

Sofia was still building her blocks when he passed her room and he didn’t want to disturb her.

Linda would pick her up a while before her bedtime, so they could have dinner together.

Sofia had ordered pancakes, so Seba was ready to start the batter, as soon as his shoes were clean and neat.